Friday, April 22, 2011

Barbarella (1968)

I've recently been on this movie Craze!!! and I have to say, it's AmAZING!!!!!
One of my most favorite movies so far has been the 1968 film staring Jane Fonda as Barbarella; a space agent who has been sent on a mission to save the missing professor Durand-Durand.

Visually just so exciting, the costumes and set are wonderful. The 1960s designer Paco Rabanne -one of my favorites- worked on the costumes for this film. You can see his style come through, and the costumes really are wonderful. A hybrid of futuristic Femme-Fatal style with the iconic experimental materials of Rabanne, the combination works like a space-age dream; creating Fonda into the infamous 60s sci-fi icon.


Monday, April 11, 2011

Some Slinky inSsspiration.

Last night (while attempting to do some readings for uni), I was watching some amazing Indian dance clips from the 60s, and came across this beautiful gem stone! It's a little snippet from one of Fritz Lang's (the genius behind Metropolis, 1927) films called; The Indian Tomb (being one half of Lang's Indian Epics).
This scene stars the wonderful Debra Paget, as the sensuously slinky snake charmer, and her incredible jewelry seduced my mind! This snake rings slipped into my thoughts and quickly slid into a desire.

......I just had to have one! So, for today's procrastination, I made one!!

And here she is!!!

On holidays in the Tropical Ocean
In the Amazon, her home town.