Sunday, January 31, 2010

The New Still Lifes

Currently at the NGV International, twelve pieces are waiting for your attention. These pieces are so life like, that artist Ron Mueck could also be a magician. His works are so astounding and baffling, that viewers have a similar response to an audience witnessing a magic trick; they want to believe in the reality of what was just seen.

His pieces seem to suspend the subjects in a moment of time, frozen, yet not cold. As their presence conveys all the emotional, inquisitive, and thoughts built into this moment. It is amazing to feel so much from latex and synthetic hair.

I think that the realism of these pieces is what has catapulted Mueck into the International Contemporary Art world. In a society where everything is religiously documented to minute details, with most people owning digital cameras, iPhones, Internet and Facebook, it is no surprise that we subconsciously crave the same accurateness and precision of information in art again. And this is exactly what Mueck delivers.

This unbelievable likeness to life is contrasted with the monumental or minute scale of the pieces. It is this sense of proportion that Mueck uses to heighten the viewers’ awareness vulnerability and humility, creating very poignant reactions. One is constantly questioning the lifelessness of the piece, waiting intensely or hoping that something will happen. A blink, the hand twitches, but no, this is just our imagination. And it is this reaction, which I found so intriguing; so many people were baffled by this, that their interaction with the piece (staring, waiting, taking photos) was more that I have ever seen in one exhibition. First the viewer would judge the piece, and then almost instantaneously the piece would begin to judge back! Soon the other people in the exhibition became as much apart of the collection as Mueck’s twelve pieces. But this time; living, breathing, feeling works of art. Mueck not only address the facts of life (birth, emotion, pain, death) but actively relates and intrigues the society around it. Making him a truly astounding contemporary artist.


What: Ron Mueck
Where: NGV International, Ground Level, 180 St Kilda Road
When: January 22 till April 18 2010

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Turban Delights

I was so excited when I flipped through the paper this morning, it was sunny, there was an article on Marianne Faithful about her romance with Mick Jagger, a recipe of Pineapples rolled in coconut + mangos and TURBANS!!!
.......I Absolutely LOVE turbans, head scarfs, bowes and any other hair accessories or ornaments that you could possibly think of!

This photoshoot was part of the Sunday Age Magazine "Sunday Life". Probably due to the fact that retro bikinis and turbans were involved; I became so overly excited that I just had to wear one today too!
So I know this sounds very indulgent, but what's a Sunday meant to be if you cant indulge in something? So I hope you enjoy my complete obsession with turbans and this photoshoot!


The Sunday Age Magazine "Sunday Life"
January 24 2010

Headscarf: sarong
Dress: Stussy
Pants: Linen 'Marcs' men's pants from Op-Shop
Belt: Fat
Jewelry: Verity Copland, Dinasour Designs
Shoes: Melissa

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Bound Bangles

I received a present from one of my treasured friends and their family.
It is these two beautiful bangles which are by a young Melbourne based designer Verity Copland. While there is not much information about her on the internet, I believe she is a part of Craft Victoria, which is a fantastic part of the Melbourne Design, Fashion and Art culture!

What is cleaver about Copland’s jewellery is (for me) the play between hard and soft elements of the texture and material choice but also the balance between them. When I look at these bracelets I see a very aggressive relationship between the materials in their construction. It seems that the idea of surface decoration so common in jewellery has surpassed just aesthetic in these pieces, and has become the ‘sole’ form of keeping and binding the bracelet together. It is from this concept I think the bracelets become something quite different to that of conventional jewellery. As the beauty of them is in the fraying fabric edges, loose threads and knotted wire.

Craft Victoria always showcases wonderful designers and exciting exhibitions. They are situated at 31 Flinders Lane Melbourne, 3000.


Pop-Ups Drop-Down

Last night, the now Melbourne based fashion label Limdrop partied down in celebration of their wonderful label, their summer sale, and the closing of their GPO Pop-UP Store.

Limedrop designers Clea Garrick and Nathan Price constantly capture wonderfully wearable and whimsical designs into each of their collections. With both mens and women's wear, they are certainly on top of the growing need for cool, sporty and ultimately fun street wear. Their designs are sharp, with cleaver and bold proportions that seem to challenge the eye, yet with the combination of their bright and energetic graphics, you can't help but smile.

While the send off party was on Friday, for all those who missed out, their sale and regular trading hours will run for the next week. The Limedrop Pop-Up store is nestled in the heart of GPO Melbourne. Positioned on the First level of the beautiful shopping palace, a few escalators will take you away from the rush of Bourke Street, and into their lovely glowing, bright and snazzy store. Limedrop is right between the ever lovely Akira store and Belinda. Their beautiful store looks over the Melbourne City streets, with light shining in, which is all so appropriate as all the cool city kids are strolling beneath them!

Bon Voyage!


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Together Alone

Yesterday I spent the day in the city, and had a wander around the NGV Ian Potter Centre. There is an exhibition on for all you design lovers that you will just adore! ….Hahha! Yes, Darlings! This is for you!

Together Alone is running in the Fashion & Textiles Gallery, level two, from October 1st 2009 till the 18th of April 2010, (so you’ve got plenty of time to make your way there!!). It’s a collaborative exhibition showcasing the outstanding works of Australian and New Zealand Fashion Designers. Ranging from the soft and sensitive works of Akira Isogawa and MaterialByProduct, to the outlandish and outrageously fun designs from Romance Was Born and World. This exhibition really touches on the broad range of intellectually charged and dynamic undercurrents that have flown through our fashion industry for many years. What was interesting about this exhibition is that it theatrically entertains the viewer with bold, bazaar and embellished garments but also music and film. While this was exciting, the balance came through with the incorporation of beautifully detailed and subtle pieces, which complemented the other designers.

Together Alone, for me, was so enjoyable because it not only included designers which I already knew, but also ones which where lesser know, and ones that I had not even heard of. It is hard for me to pick out my favourite pieces, but I did make some drawings of the ones that allured me most, I really enjoyed the collection, and I would strongly recommend seeing it!!!


Drawings By: Helen Pappas
Image Sourced:
Exhibition Details: Together Alone: Australian And New Zealand Fashion, NGV, Ian Potter Centre, Federation Square, 01.10.09-18.04.10, --FREE—
Designers: Akira, Doris de Pont, MaterialByProduct, Toni Maticevski, Nom*D, Romance Was Born, World, Zambesi.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Just after posting about the surrealist inspired film Waltz with Bashir, I remembered my ULTIMATE favorite surrealist animation!

Destino is the collaboration between Salvador Dali and Walt Disney.
I first saw this film during the NGV's Winter Masters Collection in 2009 of Salvador Dali's retrospective works. I loved this animation so much, it completly embraced me with all the emotions I think Dali would feel when he invisions his works. I love this movies so much that I sat in the film room and watched it five more times!!!! I really think this is one of the most beautifully emotive works which I have ever seen!


Come Waltz With Me

Recently I watched Waltz with Bashir and was completely entranced by it! I had been wanting to see it in the cinemas... But alas; never got round to it! so when I saw it in the DVD section it was not sitting on that shelf for very long!!!!!!!

What I liked about this movie was the link between one's perceived reality and their physical reality. Waltz with Bashir is a movie which 'documents' one man's aim to pinpoint himself during the First Lebanon War, a time which he has so memory of. Through his search to remember himself at this time, he revisits old acquaintances to hear their memories of him, in hopes to regain his own. I felt that this notion of memories and dreams draws from many Surrealist ideals, which is so beautifully recreated in the animation of the film. And I think that the combination of the surreal with the horrors and terrible facts of reality complement each other in the stories and the animation.

I also found that the web page is fantastic! full of information, pictures, clips and interviews!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Let Me Tell You A Tale

The 29 year old artist Aya Kato completely amazed me when I first saw her work almost three years ago. I can't remember how I came about her. But all I know is that she is the one current artist which I have consistently kept track of over these years. It's simple, I LOVE HER WORK!

I'm a bit of a softy when it comes down to stories, especially fairy tales, and it seems that Kato is too. Many (if not all) of her works seem to be inspired by a story tale. She is an exceptional artist who strongly captivates the whimsical and romanticized emotions of these stories, yet also still casts the allure of hidden more sinister undertones of these stories. Kato's aesthetic seems to draw heavily on the fluid and sensual lines of the Art Nouveau style, but also is highly influenced by traditional Japanese painting and an the Oriental, which do blend well together. She not only successfully combines what is predominantly an European style with an Oriental style, but also the more traditional techniques (or the appearance of them) with modern computer graphic design.
I find her work so wonderfully rich and embellished, I could be engulfed by the beauty of each piece!

If you like her work, have a look at her web-page. All her pieces are catalogued in the 'Gallery'.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Funk Odyssey

Jamiroquai’s 2001 Album; A Funk Odyssey is one of those CD’s that you can just keep on listening to. Like Kubrick’s 2001 Space Odyssey, both seem to push the frontier of popular culture. While Kubrick’s successes have been in visionary and controversial films, Jamiroquai crafts jazzy sounds and disco beats, leading the way for the Acid Jazz movement in music.

And most importantly; the vibe of A Funk Odyssey just ooze funkyness! The perfectly matched music for soulful disco sounds! With lyrics like “I’m with this deep eternal universe from death until rebirth.” and “She carries sweetly infectious magic formulas. I’m so delirious,” have a certain wittiness and also loveliness about them. I think that these elements translate so well into the CD art, as there is a kind of magical and playful feel to their work. I think that Jamiroquai has developed a strong sense of their own visual and musical style, that I really admire!


Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Neodisco Movement

After looking at all those incredibly infectious disco photos by Ron Galella, I realized how much they really have influenced my dress sense when I go out. While obviously not every single time, it sure it a few times!!!
so guys, here are some of my personal favorites!

What is most special about each outfit, is the way it makes me feel! As the outfit slowly evolves, I guess a sense of magic and the desire to be one of these disco beauties washes over me! My absolute favorite part of each outfit is the jewelry. Weather it's five necklaces worn all together, or just one and a few rings, I think that the idea of adorning yourself it quite special, it changes the way your move, as the jewelry also moves in it's own way! And most of all.... It makes you feel Sparkly!!


Clothes: Various stores
Jewelry: my local Op Shop, Hello Sailor Vintage Fair, my Mother's collection.
Photos: Street Party Photographers

Friday, January 8, 2010

Le Voyage à la Discothèque

I love the beach.
Everything about it makes you feel good; the waves, the sun, sand, food and Bikinis! It all just makes me want to be some gorgeous beach babe! The only problem is.... that can only happen when I'm at the beach!!

But what is even better is the DISCO!
All the same wonderful feelings, but instead it's the waves of music, the Disco Sun ball, simmering light-up dance floor beneath your feel, Drinks and best of all...... the FASHION!
It all just makes me want to travel back to the 1970s.... the ultimate Mecca of Disco!

So while I was searching for the details of all my favorite disco photos, I discovered that they where all by the same photographer; Ron Galella. The Time named him "The Godfather of the U.S. paparazzi culture" and it's no surprise why. In his famous photojournalist style, Galella captures the essence of the disco years; glamorous, sexy and successful celebrities, impeccably beautiful clothes and the complete sense of unashamed infectious fun!

So here are my favorite photos from Ron Galella The Disco Years collection.