Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Funk Odyssey

Jamiroquai’s 2001 Album; A Funk Odyssey is one of those CD’s that you can just keep on listening to. Like Kubrick’s 2001 Space Odyssey, both seem to push the frontier of popular culture. While Kubrick’s successes have been in visionary and controversial films, Jamiroquai crafts jazzy sounds and disco beats, leading the way for the Acid Jazz movement in music.

And most importantly; the vibe of A Funk Odyssey just ooze funkyness! The perfectly matched music for soulful disco sounds! With lyrics like “I’m with this deep eternal universe from death until rebirth.” and “She carries sweetly infectious magic formulas. I’m so delirious,” have a certain wittiness and also loveliness about them. I think that these elements translate so well into the CD art, as there is a kind of magical and playful feel to their work. I think that Jamiroquai has developed a strong sense of their own visual and musical style, that I really admire!


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