Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Let Me Tell You A Tale

The 29 year old artist Aya Kato completely amazed me when I first saw her work almost three years ago. I can't remember how I came about her. But all I know is that she is the one current artist which I have consistently kept track of over these years. It's simple, I LOVE HER WORK!

I'm a bit of a softy when it comes down to stories, especially fairy tales, and it seems that Kato is too. Many (if not all) of her works seem to be inspired by a story tale. She is an exceptional artist who strongly captivates the whimsical and romanticized emotions of these stories, yet also still casts the allure of hidden more sinister undertones of these stories. Kato's aesthetic seems to draw heavily on the fluid and sensual lines of the Art Nouveau style, but also is highly influenced by traditional Japanese painting and an the Oriental, which do blend well together. She not only successfully combines what is predominantly an European style with an Oriental style, but also the more traditional techniques (or the appearance of them) with modern computer graphic design.
I find her work so wonderfully rich and embellished, I could be engulfed by the beauty of each piece!

If you like her work, have a look at her web-page. All her pieces are catalogued in the 'Gallery'.


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