Sunday, November 6, 2011

Graduate Collection: The Modern Tradition

This is the third and last shoot I have done for Uni. I am so happy with this shoot and how it has turned out like 1940s Hollywood Studio shots. 


Kim Mennen: Photographer
Jake Lowe: Asst. Photographer
Greg Dennis: Stylist
Alicia Poxrucker: Make-up & Hair
Thomas @ Chadwick Models: Model


Friday, November 4, 2011

Hypothetical Collaboration

This is some collage work which I did in late March this year.
The brief was to propose a small capsule collection to the Melbourne based label P.A.M (Perks and Mini) for a collaboration project. I suggested the label work with the iconic Spanish Artist/Illustrator Javier Mariscal. His energetic, naive and Picasso//Matisse influenced style was too irresistible and really complemented P.A.M's quirky and witty design style. 
While this is a hypothetical project, I think it'll be a great collaboration, for both P.A.M and Mariscal!!!

Philosophy Curiosity

Curiosity is a great philosophy. 
Interests expand and discoveries are made, in the quest to learn more from the never ending void of knowledge. 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Graduate Collection: The Sartorial Image

Photoshoot for my Graduate Collection with:

Photographer: Will Lukaitis
Designer&Stylist: Helen Pappas
Hair&Make-up: Pheobe Goulding
Model: Hayden @ Scene

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The man in the suit

One of my collages which I have been meaning to post up for a little while now.

Javier Piñón

Sooo I'm sitting here at uni, trying to finish off everything for end of year assessment. 
.....waiting for things to print, up-load, and "fingers crossed" please please please work out!!! 

I recently handed in an essay on my topic of Fashion and Collage, and from my research I came across the wonderful artist; Javier Piñón. 
What I find so magical about Piñon's work is his ability to blend both the dream like state with something more real, more sinister.  The combination of the Greek Myth and also the Wild West is fantastic, and truly enjoyable! It also suggestion of a more modern-day references to these ancient stories and characters like Medusa, the Sirens and the Minotaur. 
This blending of mythology and idolized figures is a collage of its own, and is only further enhanced by the use of retro imagery and Piñón's analytical eye.


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