Friday, February 24, 2012

Black & White Cinema

The Artist (2011)
Director: M. Hazanavicius

Throughout the years film has played a great part in my creative process. 
It not only influences my aesthetic, but also my mood and direction for what I have, and will create.
I love many films, but recently older, Black and White or even Silent movies have been a huge obsession!

I've been so excited to go and see the new film The Artist (2011), and finally watched it last week. 
After seeing this (and lovin' it) I though it would be nice to share with you just a few other Black and White films that have influenced me over the past weeks, months and years. 

Enjoy the list!

The Thief of Bagdad (1942)
Director: R. Walsh

Gilda (1946)
Director: C. Vidor

42nd Street (1933)
Director: L. Bacon

Bande à Part "Band of Outsiders" (1964)
Director: J-L. Godard

Blood and Sand (1922)
Director: F. Niblo

Monday, February 13, 2012


Today I was sitting at my computer, not really doing anything productive ( what I was doing about an hour ago), and remembered about some photos a wonderful friend had styled. 

Claire had asked to use my Fluffy Jacket which I created in 2010. It was initially designed as a menswear piece, aiming to be completely ornate and a 'little' over the top. 
I feel that its lavishly fluffy texture is just so exciting and it is wonderful to hear that others feel the same.

I love Claire's interpretation of this piece. I feel that she not only has a wonderful vision of her own, but an incredible ability to adapt to others. this shoot really captured serene yet slightly haunting mood of all the 
designers' works. 

For a glimps at the whole shoot: Click here!
Photographer: Sheree Porter
MUA: Pollyanna Bernhardt
Styling: The Wonderful Miss Claire Mueller
Model: Amy Skipper