Wednesday, August 4, 2010

In celebration of our hard hard work, My good friend Christina M, decided that we should have a little fashion show. We both showcased our design creations from over the past year. I included my Decorative Technique Mod Dress, Menswear and Ornamental Menswear. While Christina (her label; EXIE) exhibited her Stretch-wear, Tailoring and her AMAZING Accessories!

Here are the photos of my pieces, and Definitely take a look at the whole collection and Christina’s work. It was a small intermit show, and super fun!!!


Click here for all the Photos from the show!
Photos Taken By: An Architect Photographed my Undies
Who works for: Design Federation

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Country Road Styling Workshop

I've been BURSTING to share this exciting news with you for AGES!!! But was sworn to secrecy until the release day.
That day is now here!!!!!

On Friday the 21st of May Country Road proposed that 10 fashion design students from RMIT would collaborate with them, in styling 4 looks for the Spring Summer 2010 Collection.
Being one of these 10 students, I was lucky enough to be briefed (and given a sneak peak) of the range. After this introduction, we were left to practically play dress-ups for a few hours with the entire collection, and create approximately three looks each. This was a dream come true! Dressing up really has to be one of my favorite games to play! ….maybe even the only game which I do play!

After the end of this fantastic experience, the Country Road team selected only four looks from the entire day. These four looks have been photographed by the Fashion Photographer Daniel Jackson in New York, and are also included in the current Country Road Catalog.
I am Thrilled that myself along with my other friends (and great students) were selected not only for this wonderful experience, but also the opportunity to work with Country Road. Myself along with the other three finalists are currently in the Spring Summer Catalog for 2010.

The top image is the Selected styled look, photographed my D.Jackson. And the remaining images are my own, showing the other looks that I developed.

All garments and most accessories are from Country Road, some accessories are my own.


Displays of Luxury

Today I finally took myself to the new (well at least new do my eyes) Chadstone.

I was extremely impressed; the entire centre was modern and very exciting. Considering the shear size of Chadstone, being it’s own suburb, it was surprisingly very easy to navigate around. With snazzy touch screen computer maps, shop finders and “how to get to the store your looking for” maps!!! (I needed this one!), it was a nice change from my usual street shopping in the City and Chapel street.

But what I was most exciting for me was the Miu Miu store. It kind of was the reasoning of me going!!
While I am aware of the reasons why high end Luxury Giants are reaching further than just the upper-class consumer. It really is a cleaver move, because little fashionistas like me come in and swoon over everything, while product consuming broadens. Win Win!

I love the store, the exterior, the interior, the window display, the product, the atmosphere. It really is a luxury store. The window display mannequin was beautiful. Reminiscent of the Surrealist inspired, Cristobal Balenciaga perfume window display from the 1950s and the popular fashion mode mannequins also from the Golden Age.
Very Clever Prada!