Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Displays of Luxury

Today I finally took myself to the new (well at least new do my eyes) Chadstone.

I was extremely impressed; the entire centre was modern and very exciting. Considering the shear size of Chadstone, being it’s own suburb, it was surprisingly very easy to navigate around. With snazzy touch screen computer maps, shop finders and “how to get to the store your looking for” maps!!! (I needed this one!), it was a nice change from my usual street shopping in the City and Chapel street.

But what I was most exciting for me was the Miu Miu store. It kind of was the reasoning of me going!!
While I am aware of the reasons why high end Luxury Giants are reaching further than just the upper-class consumer. It really is a cleaver move, because little fashionistas like me come in and swoon over everything, while product consuming broadens. Win Win!

I love the store, the exterior, the interior, the window display, the product, the atmosphere. It really is a luxury store. The window display mannequin was beautiful. Reminiscent of the Surrealist inspired, Cristobal Balenciaga perfume window display from the 1950s and the popular fashion mode mannequins also from the Golden Age.
Very Clever Prada!


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