Friday, March 26, 2010

Artisan Advertisements

I came across the new Bulgari 2010 campaign, and wow! I really did just marvel at its beauty.

The ability to create such a lavish, exotic and truly magnificent beauty through advertisement, is not only wonderful to feel and experience, but from the design end, an incredible achievement to master.
….Which got me thinking about how we (as viewers) feel, or aspire to feel, when looking at these Luxury Goods’ Campaigns. Their ability to impose emotions, and desires upon the viewers seem to link strongly back to the great masters of fine art, such as Francisco Goya y Lucientes (Goya), John Singer Sargent, and Gerard Terborch. As their representation of the feminine, and wonderfully sumptuous portrayal of cloth and beauty has, in my opinion, been significantly referenced.
As fine art turns into inspiration for luxury brands does its emotional effect still flow through into these adds?
Is what we feel when we look at these 21st Century campaigns different to how one might feel when looking at these masterful works?
I am by no means categorising them together, but highlighting their link to one another, and the possibility of advertisement as a new art?

Anyway, I really just love Bulgari’s new campaing!


Madame X, John Singer Sargent

Naked Maja, Goya

Parental Admonition, Gerard Terborch

Monuments to Water

This is the collection of "Monuments to Water", designed by

Candice Majoos
Simone Agius
Laura Li
Holly Hesterman
Molly Hebren
Elyse Barker
Jacinta Yani Oliver-Cook
Grace Lambert
Emily Collins
Joanna Henning
Jemmy Sham

The International Flower and Garden Show is running at the Exhibition Building in Carlton, Nicholson Street. And closes on the 28th of March 2010 at 5pm.


'Sine Qua Non'

As a part of the International Flower and Garden Show, RMIT Bachelor of Design, Fashion students are proposed to construct a display using predominantly 80% plant materials. This year’s theme was to address the topic of; “Monument to Water”.

Being a part of the two classes of Third Year students which where involved in this competition, I was lucky enough along with 10 other students to be shortlisted, and actually make my proposed monument design.
Here are some photos of my design, final monument, and the design philosophies that drove the entirety of my developmental process.

“To Create a ‘Monument to Water’ one must first understand what a monument is, to then be able to dedicate one to water.

Through researching and questioning the concepts and meanings behind monuments in society, I have come to the conclusion that a monument is ultimately a symbol. They are abstracted dedications, which celebrate the colossal qualities of a person, place or event. These monuments in society never truly replicate the subject’s physical form or proportion through materials or content. Yet, they clearly and symbolically celebrate the endearing characteristics of the subject.

So, if a person’s qualities are abstracted when becoming a monument; an abstract subject, like water, should therefore be personified. And it’s qualities equally celebrated though symbols.

Through analysis the qualities of water, such as being powerful, fierce, religious, scientific, life cycles, nurturing, and godly, these characteristics have been translated into layers of symbols. Which can be visually read, and be truly representative and celebratory to ALL the elements of water.”


Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Story on Paper

This is a surprising tale of a student, who, like many student is particularly good at procrastinating. One night, possibly this very night, this student was doing a particularly good job at avoiding starting her work. As she was searching through the internet, facebooking, and 'studying' with a magazine in eyesight, she actually came across something Very, VERY special!

........A wonderful blog of the Sydney based Paper Engineer, Benjah Harney.

Harney's work is intelligent, inspiring and ultimately just so so much fun! He has a great eye for bursting bright colours, energetic compositions and has such great insight to the applications of paper. Harney really makes you feel that anything you could imagine can be constructed with paper. His blog is truly exciting. With not only a great range of images, but extensive information and documentation of his process. To me, he seems to be a man who really loves what he does. He applies his talent to many areas such as; illustration, Fashion, Advertising, packaging, and fine art. Excelling in all of them.

These photos are of Benjah Harney's work and his various projects.
Click on the title of this post (A Story on Paper) to visit Harney's blog.

So to conclude this adventurous tale, this mind-wandering student lived happily ever after for the rest of the night. With no study complete. But a much better outcome of the Benjah Harney discovery, she fore-filled a night's homework!
-The End-


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mapping the Tailor Exhibition, Part 2

Here are just some photos of the Mapping the Tailor exhibition, down at Mr Tulk. This display is such a cleaver composition, as the use of the red string accurately pin-points where each student is placed around Melbourne, giving an aesthetic idea a practical application. But more importantly, the choice of jackets is highly appropriate in communicating the core of the research for this project. The technical jacket on on the right can be seen as the 'research' element, signifying the tailors which we tracked down from as far back to c.1900. While the exploratory jacket could be used to represent the student's contemporary development of tailoring!

I truly love what these girls have done with the space.


Monday, March 15, 2010

Mapping the Tailor Exhibition

!!!!Some Very Exciting News Indeed!!!!

As a part of the Cultural Program in L'oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2010 there is a tailoring exhibition curated by the RMIT Bachelor of Fashion lectures; Peter Allan and Sue Thomas. This exhibition, Mapping the Tailor, involves 8 students' work, installed in several tailoring establishments across Melbourne. These window displays showcase the tailoring work and toiles of each student in relation to not only the craft of tailoring but also into the research and inspiration of tailors, maps and cartography of Melbourne over the past 150years.

I am very lucky, along with the other seven students to be a part of this exhibition, and would love nothing more that to share it with you! So please start your wonderful tailoring journey at Mr Tulk in the city, and enjoy the adventure of viewing RMIT's Fashion Tailors!

Here is a sneek peak of my work, and my display.
If you would like to see my window display I am exhibiting in:

G Galati
198 Elgin Street (just on the corner of Lygon St)
Carlton, Melbourne.

What: Mapping the Tailor, Exhibition in the Cultural Program of LMFF 2010
When: 15th to the 21st March 2010
198 Elgin Street, Carlton
328 Swanston Street, Melbourne (Mr Tulk)
33 Johnson Street, Collingwood
68 Bourke Street, Melbourne
313 Smith Street, Fitzroy
108 Rathdowne Street, Melbourne
2c Brunswick Road, Brunswick East
45 Collins Street, Melbourne


(All works and images property of HelenPappas2009)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I've Got a Bad Case of F.F.F (Festive Fashion Fever)

Ahhhh… Fashion Week. It really is that time of year, where I live by my daily schedule (Religiously!) just so I can squeeze in all the design goodness that is consuming Melbourne.
This year there are many, Many exciting things happening in the 2010 L’oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival. Some of which I’ll reveal a little later. (tomorrow hopefully!)

One of the first, and the most exciting fashion exhibitions I have been to this fashion season is the one currently on display at CRAFT VICTORIC on Flinders Lane.
This exhibition showcases the works of Adel Varcoe, Kate James Nicholas Jones &Warren Harris.

Varcoe’s “iFold” interactive exhibition is truly refreshing to experience. Her cleaver play on our emotions and the role in which we, the individual, are placed in society is always intriguing and exciting to experience. ….I will not say anymore, other than to GET DOWN TO CRAFT VIC AND GO SEE IT YOURSELF!
As I went to this exhibition a second time, I was surprises that I had completely missed one whole room. This room, really just blew me away. Both Jones and Harrison’s pieces where so delicately and intricately crafted that I do not believe these photos serve Harrison justice. His attention to detail and decoration in conjunction with technique was as elegant as his design. This piece looks heavenly and truly romantic, with traditional tailoring undertones which strengthened the piece.

Adel Varcoe, Kate James, Nicholas Jones & Warren Harrison
Where: Craft Victoria, 31 Flinders Lane, Melbourne City, 3000
When: March 11 till April 24, 2010