Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Ex[ie]perimental Collective

It's been a busy last few weeks.
....With fashion shows, exhibitions, submissions and work, I've definitely been doing a lot of running around. And especially after becoming a bonafide stair-master of the escalators (that go on for eternity!) at Parliament Station, I feel I can now take a little break, rest my legs and let you know about a wonderful exhibition that I was apart of for LMFF's Cultural Festival.

The Ex[ie]perimental Collective was an exhibition curated and produced by Christina Exie involving five emerging designers; Emma Boseley, Miss Exie herself, Katia Di Crescenzo, Kara Liu and myself, Helen Pappas.
Held at the top of Bourke St, the exhibitions was surrounded by the rich culture of Pelligrini's Cafe, numerous tailors, fabric stores and restaurants. So obviously the space at Von Haus seemed highly appropriate to us all. Many of the designers' work hold the ideas of traditions dear, wether that be re-invigorating or completely opposing traditions, the combination of the work spoke harmoniously and fluidly together.

It was wonderful to initiate ourselves as professional designers in such an intermit and personal exhibition. The basis of Ex[ie]perimental was to give an insight into the processes and work involved behind the finished veneer of a designers' final product. While there were many different styles and elements of process on display, each designer exhibited pieces that reflected the essence of what it is they represent and explore.

——— ••• ———

Emma Boseley's almost intimidating, hyper-masculine collection was suspended from the walls. the height allowed viewers to marvel at her astonishing skills as a craftsman and tailor, but also at her unique fabrication. Her display created an illusion of a character, dominant and aggressive yet very suggestive and a little bit playful.

——— ••• ———

The instillation by Christina Exie was an extension of her concepts developed during her Graduate Collection titled 'Nero'. Christina is a highly tactile designer and her experiments in playing with fabrics, materials and construction is what defines her designs. This draped, metal incrusted and corded fabric compliments her Avant-Garde designs, both in concept and aesthetics. 

——— ••• ———

Power is not defined by size, and this is certainly the case for Katia Di Crescenzo's majestically crafted jewelry. Her pieces, which were also an extension of her Graduating range, held such emotional strength and beauty. Katia's collection of necklaces and rings seemed to transcend past time, sitting somewhere between wonder, myth and reality, making them like little crystal-balls to her inspiration!

——— ••• ———

Kara Liu's serene pieces floated so lightly, almost as if they were the ghosts of existing garments. Kara's clever construction - aiming to eliminate certain design features, eg; pockets, while the information of their presence remained through slashes and open cuts. She seemed to explore the notion of Memory within a garment, and her display definitely illustrated her concept.

——— ••• ———

Showcasing my (Helen Pappas) collage work, I aimed to invite viewers into a crucial stage of my designing process. For me, this is concept development. Throughout my graduate project the practice of collage became a crucial factor to my ideas and also defined my final collection. This selection of collages references the links between myth and reality as well as the symbols of masculinity, both in traditional and current environments. I was also exploring the conflict of man, through the imagery of the Spanish Matador and the business man, and in a way, creating a new hybrid of the famous Minotaur, and a shrine to the image.

——— ••• ———

Thankyou to everyone that helped support us, and to everyone that came by.
We thoroughly enjoyed it, and cannot wait to show you more!! ;D

——— ••• ———

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LMFF 2012 - National Graduate Showcase 13th March.

It might be a little bit late for posting this for the fashion world. But I was just so amazed by all our 2011 Graduates during LMFF, that time is really of no importance. As many people say, including the industry, The National Graduate Showcase, sponsored by Sportsgirl is the diamond in the rough of LMFF.
The amount of talent, energy and excitement which surrounds these designers and their collections is just enormous. And rightfully so, as they are quite spectacular. This years' show was no exception and I was especially thrilled to be there to support close friends and the other 2011 graduates! very exciting! ;D

I found the show concise and compatible, which I think is difficult to attain with so many designers.  Each designer had very different collections from one another.  With some being outlandish, kitsch and humorous, others held an air of serenity, delicacy and seriousness. Yet all the collections worked seamlessly together, as all were linked by their ingenious use of technique. The possibilities of fabrication and the intellect towards pushing materials was fantastic. Every designer was an expert in their craft and re-defined how we can use materials.
I was completely blown away by their abilities. As their work not only makes a visually exciting collection for us to rave about, but really pushes the boundaries on what is physically possible (and attainable) for fashion to become.

Congratulations to everyone! ;D

Some of the Designers: Sally Edwards & Chris Ran Lin.
Some of the Designers: Young Seo, Laura Li, Steph Mcpherson

RMIT University - VIC:
Amelia Agosta, Anisha Bhoyro, Chris Ran Lin, Ju Young Seo, Laura HuiShan Li, Rica Hardian, Stephanie Mcpherson. 
Sydney Institute of Tafe - NSW:
Anna Langdon.
University of Technology Sydney - NSW:
Courtney White, Natalia Grsybowski.
Qld University of Technology - QLD:
Sally Edwards.
Curtin University - WA
Tayler Ainley.

(All Photos by HelenPappas)


Thursday, March 15, 2012

LMFF 2012 - Graduate Showcase

Photo by: the lovely Ellen Purtill.
Wearing: Pants, Singlet, Shirt all from my 2011 Menswear collection. 
Earrings, made by myself, and jewelry from my stash at home,
and Sunglasses borrowed from my lovely friend Hat, ... because I forgot mine!

Showing my support for all the amazing designers in the Sportsgirl Graduate Showcase at LMFF.
What an incredible night! I was so proud and truly astounded by the amount of work and talent on Tuesday.
It was just so wonderful, Congratulations to everyone! I just loved it!  :D :D
... a more detailed post coming very soon!


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Masculinity and Ornament
A small editorial shoot which combines an element of restraint present in menswear 
with the ornate lavishness it once possessed. 

Photographer: Jonathan Butler
Designer/Stylist: Helen Pappas
Model: Cassius @ Darley Management

Monday, March 5, 2012

Olé, Beatles!

Found this image while looking for traditional Spanish costume on Google. 
...Ahhh the things you find! ;D

Supposedly this image is part of a photo-book which documented The Beatles' 1965 trip to Spain.
Either way, its just great!!!!