Saturday, March 31, 2012

LMFF 2012 - National Graduate Showcase 13th March.

It might be a little bit late for posting this for the fashion world. But I was just so amazed by all our 2011 Graduates during LMFF, that time is really of no importance. As many people say, including the industry, The National Graduate Showcase, sponsored by Sportsgirl is the diamond in the rough of LMFF.
The amount of talent, energy and excitement which surrounds these designers and their collections is just enormous. And rightfully so, as they are quite spectacular. This years' show was no exception and I was especially thrilled to be there to support close friends and the other 2011 graduates! very exciting! ;D

I found the show concise and compatible, which I think is difficult to attain with so many designers.  Each designer had very different collections from one another.  With some being outlandish, kitsch and humorous, others held an air of serenity, delicacy and seriousness. Yet all the collections worked seamlessly together, as all were linked by their ingenious use of technique. The possibilities of fabrication and the intellect towards pushing materials was fantastic. Every designer was an expert in their craft and re-defined how we can use materials.
I was completely blown away by their abilities. As their work not only makes a visually exciting collection for us to rave about, but really pushes the boundaries on what is physically possible (and attainable) for fashion to become.

Congratulations to everyone! ;D

Some of the Designers: Sally Edwards & Chris Ran Lin.
Some of the Designers: Young Seo, Laura Li, Steph Mcpherson

RMIT University - VIC:
Amelia Agosta, Anisha Bhoyro, Chris Ran Lin, Ju Young Seo, Laura HuiShan Li, Rica Hardian, Stephanie Mcpherson. 
Sydney Institute of Tafe - NSW:
Anna Langdon.
University of Technology Sydney - NSW:
Courtney White, Natalia Grsybowski.
Qld University of Technology - QLD:
Sally Edwards.
Curtin University - WA
Tayler Ainley.

(All Photos by HelenPappas)


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