Friday, March 26, 2010

Artisan Advertisements

I came across the new Bulgari 2010 campaign, and wow! I really did just marvel at its beauty.

The ability to create such a lavish, exotic and truly magnificent beauty through advertisement, is not only wonderful to feel and experience, but from the design end, an incredible achievement to master.
….Which got me thinking about how we (as viewers) feel, or aspire to feel, when looking at these Luxury Goods’ Campaigns. Their ability to impose emotions, and desires upon the viewers seem to link strongly back to the great masters of fine art, such as Francisco Goya y Lucientes (Goya), John Singer Sargent, and Gerard Terborch. As their representation of the feminine, and wonderfully sumptuous portrayal of cloth and beauty has, in my opinion, been significantly referenced.
As fine art turns into inspiration for luxury brands does its emotional effect still flow through into these adds?
Is what we feel when we look at these 21st Century campaigns different to how one might feel when looking at these masterful works?
I am by no means categorising them together, but highlighting their link to one another, and the possibility of advertisement as a new art?

Anyway, I really just love Bulgari’s new campaing!


Madame X, John Singer Sargent

Naked Maja, Goya

Parental Admonition, Gerard Terborch

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