Friday, March 26, 2010

'Sine Qua Non'

As a part of the International Flower and Garden Show, RMIT Bachelor of Design, Fashion students are proposed to construct a display using predominantly 80% plant materials. This year’s theme was to address the topic of; “Monument to Water”.

Being a part of the two classes of Third Year students which where involved in this competition, I was lucky enough along with 10 other students to be shortlisted, and actually make my proposed monument design.
Here are some photos of my design, final monument, and the design philosophies that drove the entirety of my developmental process.

“To Create a ‘Monument to Water’ one must first understand what a monument is, to then be able to dedicate one to water.

Through researching and questioning the concepts and meanings behind monuments in society, I have come to the conclusion that a monument is ultimately a symbol. They are abstracted dedications, which celebrate the colossal qualities of a person, place or event. These monuments in society never truly replicate the subject’s physical form or proportion through materials or content. Yet, they clearly and symbolically celebrate the endearing characteristics of the subject.

So, if a person’s qualities are abstracted when becoming a monument; an abstract subject, like water, should therefore be personified. And it’s qualities equally celebrated though symbols.

Through analysis the qualities of water, such as being powerful, fierce, religious, scientific, life cycles, nurturing, and godly, these characteristics have been translated into layers of symbols. Which can be visually read, and be truly representative and celebratory to ALL the elements of water.”


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