Sunday, March 14, 2010

I've Got a Bad Case of F.F.F (Festive Fashion Fever)

Ahhhh… Fashion Week. It really is that time of year, where I live by my daily schedule (Religiously!) just so I can squeeze in all the design goodness that is consuming Melbourne.
This year there are many, Many exciting things happening in the 2010 L’oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival. Some of which I’ll reveal a little later. (tomorrow hopefully!)

One of the first, and the most exciting fashion exhibitions I have been to this fashion season is the one currently on display at CRAFT VICTORIC on Flinders Lane.
This exhibition showcases the works of Adel Varcoe, Kate James Nicholas Jones &Warren Harris.

Varcoe’s “iFold” interactive exhibition is truly refreshing to experience. Her cleaver play on our emotions and the role in which we, the individual, are placed in society is always intriguing and exciting to experience. ….I will not say anymore, other than to GET DOWN TO CRAFT VIC AND GO SEE IT YOURSELF!
As I went to this exhibition a second time, I was surprises that I had completely missed one whole room. This room, really just blew me away. Both Jones and Harrison’s pieces where so delicately and intricately crafted that I do not believe these photos serve Harrison justice. His attention to detail and decoration in conjunction with technique was as elegant as his design. This piece looks heavenly and truly romantic, with traditional tailoring undertones which strengthened the piece.

Adel Varcoe, Kate James, Nicholas Jones & Warren Harrison
Where: Craft Victoria, 31 Flinders Lane, Melbourne City, 3000
When: March 11 till April 24, 2010


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