Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Story on Paper

This is a surprising tale of a student, who, like many student is particularly good at procrastinating. One night, possibly this very night, this student was doing a particularly good job at avoiding starting her work. As she was searching through the internet, facebooking, and 'studying' with a magazine in eyesight, she actually came across something Very, VERY special!

........A wonderful blog of the Sydney based Paper Engineer, Benjah Harney.

Harney's work is intelligent, inspiring and ultimately just so so much fun! He has a great eye for bursting bright colours, energetic compositions and has such great insight to the applications of paper. Harney really makes you feel that anything you could imagine can be constructed with paper. His blog is truly exciting. With not only a great range of images, but extensive information and documentation of his process. To me, he seems to be a man who really loves what he does. He applies his talent to many areas such as; illustration, Fashion, Advertising, packaging, and fine art. Excelling in all of them.

These photos are of Benjah Harney's work and his various projects.
Click on the title of this post (A Story on Paper) to visit Harney's blog.

So to conclude this adventurous tale, this mind-wandering student lived happily ever after for the rest of the night. With no study complete. But a much better outcome of the Benjah Harney discovery, she fore-filled a night's homework!
-The End-


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