Thursday, July 29, 2010

2009 Opening Party, L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival

While my life seems to be particularly hectic and busy right now. I’ve just had the luxury of a free hour to myself, with nothing too urgent needing to be done. Well…. Nothing urgent that I could think of!!! =S

So during this lavish time of freedom, I as usual, began doing a little internet browsing, looking at fashion, and other exciting creative things! And I reignited my fondness to one particular fashion show which I had previously worked on.
During L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival in 2009 I was lucky enough to not only be helping out as a dresser for the show, but was also a Stylist’s Assistant and a budding Volunteer. It really was a great thrill to be working in this festival, and a great privilege to be working specifically closely with the Opening Party.

What I Love about this 2009 Opening Party Fashion Show was that it really embodied all the incredible talent which the Australian Fashion Industry offers to cultural society. I was completely blown away when I was dressing these girls, as the immaculate detail and consideration to craft, construction and technique amazed me. I feel that the pieces selected for this opening show really illustrated how wonderful the Australian Design circle is, and how much our style is able to be freely interpreted. What was so lovely and cleaver about the styling, was that it not only celebrated Australian Designers, but also beautifully Illustrated the progression of style through time. I truly love this representation of history, and I feel that this show was styled particularly well. It is such a shame that the second show with these garments (for the public) was so poorly and limply executed.

Here are my Favorite Looks!!!!!

All Images from:
Sunday March 14, 2009
Government House, Melbourne

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