Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Transgressive Ornament

It is always lovely to share. And I would love to share with you all what I have been working hard on for the past few months. This is some of my work from my main studio subject at University. Enjoy!

During this past semester I undertook a design subject called "Ornament and Transgression". Through the course of the semester we analyzed the meaning, power and philosophies behind the art of ornamentation. And through this research I came to consider ornament to be something that is special, sacred and in a way, a holy means of linking both the real and the extraordinary worlds. This realization lead me to the drastic need for men's wear to be again released back into it's full power of excess and lavish masculinity. The current social suppression of men's wear is a rule which needs to be violated. Through the physical slashing of the seams in the traditional men's suit, allowed the ornament of the shirt to penetrate through to the surface, and ultimately challenging the notion of acceptable men's attire. I am very pleased with the outcome, both conceptually, decoratively and technically. I hope that you enjoy viewing the outcome as much as I do. It really make me smile!!!


All Work and Photos Property of Helen Pappas 2010.


  1. AMAZE, Helen, AMAZE! The texture of the shirt is so vibrant and different, but at the same time completely beautiful and wearable. I LOVE IT!!

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  3. Oh Thankyou!!
    ..i'm kind of in-love with the fluff!!