Monday, July 12, 2010

Spatial Manifestos

Lucio Fontana. What else is there to say.
He is, in my eyes, one of the most progressive, challenging and exciting artists of the 20th Century.
Fontana was born in 1899, Argentina, and died 1968. His initial practice in sculpture, I feel, has given him a unique, more analytical approach towards his paintings. What I have found most interesting about his works, is that Fontana not only questions the power of the image which he makes but take this further, and questions the power of the canvas. Through his slashing of the canvas, he not only violates the very foundation of the artists' image, but actively highlights what lies beyond the canvas. Our minds seem to always extend the image beyond the frame, yet it is Fontana's disruption of the surface which physical opens-up the world of art to a more conceptual view on painting.

There is a lots of informations out there about Lucio Fontana, he collaboration with other artists in writing Artistic Manifestos, such as Manifesto Blanco (1946). And also initiated the artistc movement of Spatialism.

Through out this semester of Uni, I have countlessly found his works a vibrant source of inspiration, both technically and conceptually. I find Fontana's work challenging and I really love them more each time I review them.

If you are interested in Lucio Fontana's work, you don't have to go far to see an original!!!! The NGV International Gallery on St Kilda Road, Melbourne has one of his pieces in their permanent collection.'s gold!


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