Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Adriana Varejao

It is interesting to look at Lucio Fontana's works from the late 1960s and actually realize how influential they have been on the art world. This piece by Adriana Varejao and also many others of hers question what lies beyond the piece, both physically and psychologically. Countless pieces by Varejao are violently ripped up, revealing the bloody, fleshy and pulsing organs beneath the surface of the work. This illusion, or more correctly Varejao's presentation of art being something that is alive, beating and in a way capable of feeling draws links towards Fontana's philosophies. We see that she is potentially trying to communicate the power of art becoming more than just an image, but being emotive and soulful. This notion being one which I see Fontana not only also addressing, but initiating.


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