Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Masculine Femme Fatal

I'm currently in the slow, slow process of cleaning my room, and through this I've begun to look through some of my work folios from last year. I've been wanting to post these pieces for a while now.... but temporarily forgot!! hahah!

Anyway, now they are up! and you can have a look!
I was very interested in the technique of collage. It is an interesting means of producing art, as technically the artist isn't really doing anything, just rearranging and cutting. Well, this isn't really true. Because it is the decision, the thought and the concepts behind the positioning of these ready made images which gives power to their arrangement.

While challenging the image of man through imposing a Lipstick for the body, I've also questions the masculinity of lipstick. While this cosmetic product optimizes the iconic seductive femme fatal, the design itself is quite phallic. With its retractable red rouge stick capable of coating a woman's lips, I've discovered that the simple Lipstick is actually a very complex thing. It is through these collages, that I've played with this idea of the lipstick being both iconically feminine, but also metaphorically masculine.

I really like the outcome!



  1. I especially like the top one. Very striking.

    Did you know there is an exhibition of collage artists on at the NGV at the moment?? (I'm sure you do, you go to the gallery way more than me!)

  2. Oh! Thankyou Claire!!!!!!!

    hahah! yes!!! i've been wanting to go actually!! ... but i haven't gotten around to it yet! Have you seen it???
    I really should go to see it! .. hahah! i even have the post card of it on my wall!!!! =P