Friday, January 8, 2010

Le Voyage à la Discothèque

I love the beach.
Everything about it makes you feel good; the waves, the sun, sand, food and Bikinis! It all just makes me want to be some gorgeous beach babe! The only problem is.... that can only happen when I'm at the beach!!

But what is even better is the DISCO!
All the same wonderful feelings, but instead it's the waves of music, the Disco Sun ball, simmering light-up dance floor beneath your feel, Drinks and best of all...... the FASHION!
It all just makes me want to travel back to the 1970s.... the ultimate Mecca of Disco!

So while I was searching for the details of all my favorite disco photos, I discovered that they where all by the same photographer; Ron Galella. The Time named him "The Godfather of the U.S. paparazzi culture" and it's no surprise why. In his famous photojournalist style, Galella captures the essence of the disco years; glamorous, sexy and successful celebrities, impeccably beautiful clothes and the complete sense of unashamed infectious fun!

So here are my favorite photos from Ron Galella The Disco Years collection.


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