Sunday, January 24, 2010

Turban Delights

I was so excited when I flipped through the paper this morning, it was sunny, there was an article on Marianne Faithful about her romance with Mick Jagger, a recipe of Pineapples rolled in coconut + mangos and TURBANS!!!
.......I Absolutely LOVE turbans, head scarfs, bowes and any other hair accessories or ornaments that you could possibly think of!

This photoshoot was part of the Sunday Age Magazine "Sunday Life". Probably due to the fact that retro bikinis and turbans were involved; I became so overly excited that I just had to wear one today too!
So I know this sounds very indulgent, but what's a Sunday meant to be if you cant indulge in something? So I hope you enjoy my complete obsession with turbans and this photoshoot!


The Sunday Age Magazine "Sunday Life"
January 24 2010

Headscarf: sarong
Dress: Stussy
Pants: Linen 'Marcs' men's pants from Op-Shop
Belt: Fat
Jewelry: Verity Copland, Dinasour Designs
Shoes: Melissa


  1. You look beautiful as always! And oh my gosh your house is as stylish as you are, I wish I had that kind of space to take photos in front of!

  2. hahah! Claire! i know! it's such an amazing space!... I wish it was my house too! It is actually my friends home! It's so amazing!
    All your photos are Perfect !!! they're so retro and beautiful!!!!!