Thursday, January 14, 2010

Come Waltz With Me

Recently I watched Waltz with Bashir and was completely entranced by it! I had been wanting to see it in the cinemas... But alas; never got round to it! so when I saw it in the DVD section it was not sitting on that shelf for very long!!!!!!!

What I liked about this movie was the link between one's perceived reality and their physical reality. Waltz with Bashir is a movie which 'documents' one man's aim to pinpoint himself during the First Lebanon War, a time which he has so memory of. Through his search to remember himself at this time, he revisits old acquaintances to hear their memories of him, in hopes to regain his own. I felt that this notion of memories and dreams draws from many Surrealist ideals, which is so beautifully recreated in the animation of the film. And I think that the combination of the surreal with the horrors and terrible facts of reality complement each other in the stories and the animation.

I also found that the web page is fantastic! full of information, pictures, clips and interviews!


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  1. i saw this too and thought it was very beautiful! xo LL