Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Neodisco Movement

After looking at all those incredibly infectious disco photos by Ron Galella, I realized how much they really have influenced my dress sense when I go out. While obviously not every single time, it sure it a few times!!!
so guys, here are some of my personal favorites!

What is most special about each outfit, is the way it makes me feel! As the outfit slowly evolves, I guess a sense of magic and the desire to be one of these disco beauties washes over me! My absolute favorite part of each outfit is the jewelry. Weather it's five necklaces worn all together, or just one and a few rings, I think that the idea of adorning yourself it quite special, it changes the way your move, as the jewelry also moves in it's own way! And most of all.... It makes you feel Sparkly!!


Clothes: Various stores
Jewelry: my local Op Shop, Hello Sailor Vintage Fair, my Mother's collection.
Photos: Street Party Photographers

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