Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Bound Bangles

I received a present from one of my treasured friends and their family.
It is these two beautiful bangles which are by a young Melbourne based designer Verity Copland. While there is not much information about her on the internet, I believe she is a part of Craft Victoria, which is a fantastic part of the Melbourne Design, Fashion and Art culture!

What is cleaver about Copland’s jewellery is (for me) the play between hard and soft elements of the texture and material choice but also the balance between them. When I look at these bracelets I see a very aggressive relationship between the materials in their construction. It seems that the idea of surface decoration so common in jewellery has surpassed just aesthetic in these pieces, and has become the ‘sole’ form of keeping and binding the bracelet together. It is from this concept I think the bracelets become something quite different to that of conventional jewellery. As the beauty of them is in the fraying fabric edges, loose threads and knotted wire.

Craft Victoria always showcases wonderful designers and exciting exhibitions. They are situated at 31 Flinders Lane Melbourne, 3000.


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