Sunday, April 22, 2012

"If we want things to stay as they are, things will have to change." (Tancredi-The Leopard)

Inspired by the works of Luchino Visconti: the great Italian director (1906-1976), 
this collaboration blends the seduction of opulence and luxury with 
distant worlds and fantasy.

Photographer: Anthony Tosello
Stylist &: Designer: Helen Pappas
Make Up Artist: Eve Dimitrakadis
Model: Amy Pollock @ London MGT Group
Collages by: Helen Pappas


  1. I like the sixth one in the series. I like how both the person and the cow are looking at me. mirroring each others stare. Also it feels more subtle like the elements exist in the same place. I don't look at it straight away and think that it is a collage for some reason same with the forth in the series the size of the house and it's position make it feel like a bag or briefcase but on closer inspection you realise it is a house, if that makes any sense. There is a suspenion of disbelief.

  2. great photo collages! great idea,very inspirational....

  3. Thanks Tim! i'm so glad you noticed all the little details! everyone picks up different elements!
    ... i love trying to trick the eye!

    it's so nice to hear your find them inspiring. thankyou so much! ;D

  4. Helen these are amazing! You are the new Anna Piaggi, go and work for Vogue Italia IMMEDIATELY. Your vision is so strong and so unlike anyone else's, I keep holding my breath for the next project!