Sunday, November 11, 2012

Melbourne Surprises

I really do love Melbourne. 
Wondering around the city is always a pleasure. ....especially when you come across a wonderful surprise like this one. 

Russell Place, in Melbourne's CBD is quickly growing into quite a cool little side-street of wonder. 

With a handful of beautifully designed cafés, bars, boutiques (including unique men's leather shoes, a secret little FAT boutique and Pieces of Eight Jewelry Gallery), Russell Pl is definitely a destination for any curious Melbournian.

Along with all the retail and culinary excitment, what really got me thrilled was the Street Art on display. 
This collage is very surreal yet, quite a romantic motif in comparison to the other street around the CBD. I love the notion of colossus stone-like hands, intertwined as if they were vines, while people sit, converse and dine on the opposite side of the street. These hands emerging from the concrete ground give Russell Pl a softer more organic feel against the dense and chaotic life that lives beyond its walls.



  1. Oh how I wish I could come and visit you someday!! <33

  2. Suzanne!!!!! I was thinking of you the other day!!!!
    I Wish you could visit tooooo!!!!! ;D ;D all the amazing things you're up to and wearing!!! ;D