Sunday, May 23, 2010

Prada Men's Wear S/S 2010 Campaign

Ok... So i've been doing a bit of study, little bit of (window) shopping and I've recently become INFATUATED by Prada!

Every element of the company is an inspiration goal for me right now. The intellectual consideration to design, fabrication and the overall integrity within each collection is so thoughtful. Also the control over their business image is equality matched with the same intellectual integrity as their creations.
I've recently been snooping through the Spring Summer collection shoots from the Prada web page, and the images for the Men's Wear is amazing.
I like the combination of the photographic image with the collage technique. It creates such a dynamic and exciting visual experience!
Here are my favorites!!! (click images to see enlarged quality)


Prada Men's Wear
Spring Summer 2010 Campaign

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