Monday, May 24, 2010

Prada S/S 2010 Women's Wear, Ready to Wear Collection

Again... this is a continuation of my little Prada phase!

What I find interesting about this year's Spring Summer collection is not only the reference to Paco Rabanne (as mentioned in previous post on Minimalism) but also the strong link towards tropical imagery, and also to marine life!
I love the use of colour and the beach imagery that Muccia Prada has translated visually onto the cloth through print. But, it is also important to note the over all look and stylistic appearance of the models and the final image. These photos and models seem to be transformed into tropical fish themselves! With big wet pink lips, glistening glass like dresses and futureistic dark neon suiting, do these models resemble the image of deep, almost prehistoric and alien like fish? I tend to think so. Especially when viewing the photo of the models in the dark shot with a blur of neon lighting.
And on a completely different note! I really just love the witty and cunning use of photo manipulation and collage in these works! Very Enjoyable!!!!

Have a look! (click on images for a larger quality)
I'd also love to hear what you all think of the photo Campaign as well!


Spring Summer 2010
Women's Wear, Ready to Wear Collection Campaign

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