Monday, June 13, 2011

A Collection of Traveling Images

I feel like I have traveled back in time and around the world all in one magical trip!

I've recently uncovered the treasures of my old stamp collection.
... and yes, when I was little, I collected stamps!
How how could you resist when they are as pretty as this.

Here is just a small selection of my favorites.

...But there is something else I want to touch on, its the emotional power that these stamps revive. I cannot help but feel this wonder and mystical sense that onece these stamps had journeys of their own, all across the world. But are now almost a relic of the past.
They are so beautiful, and there is something about their detachment from postage system that makes them like little pieces of graphic art, that I can sit and admire!!!!

Hope you enjoy them as much as me!

Your's Truly

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