Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sunday afternoon at Paris ‘99

I have to say, over the long weekend I had the most wonderful experience. Not only did I get one extra luxurious day to relax and enjoy life’s beauties, But was also given a wonderful opportunity to indulge in a little stylish luxury of my own! I was invited to experience the full wonder of the Paris ‘99 salon.

With online shopping becoming the new retail craze, it seems that the art of experience and connection between fashion, retailer and shopper has been lost a little. But not entirely, as Yahav Ron (who knows more about fashion and collections than anyone I have ever met!) reignites this retail connection in his salon in Elwood, Paris ‘99. It seems that Yahav’s concept has taken a golden leaf from the days of couture, where a more intimate relation is made of the shopping experience.It was so beautiful when I arrived on a Sunday afternoon, and the lovely winter sun was out. We sat on Paris ‘99’s balcony (which overlooks the main roundabout full of little shops and cafes) and we chatted, sipped wine and nibbled on babka (Jewish chocolate pastry. Yum yum!)After this lovely welcome into Paris ‘99, I was taken through the incredible collection that Yahav’s salon holds. Each piece was beautiful and exciting with a great blend of pattern, fabrication, intellect, and cut displayed in his collection, all of which seem to reflect his great eye for great fashion.And just to name a few of the designers housed at Paris '99 (to get you even more excited); Versace, Balenciaga, Lanvin, Ann Demeulemeester, Dries Van Noten, ALAIA, A.F. Vandervorst, Narcisco Rodriquez and Proenza Schouler and more! All of which are greatly more affordable than what I expected, especially considering the entire experience.

And now for the best bit! After viewing the collection, I was able to pick out my favourite pieces to take into the wonderfully spacious fitting room to try on!
This reminded me of when I was young, and I would invite my friends to come over and play dress ups with me.
Except that this time, the dress ups were exceptionally beautiful, and I was the one invited into Yahav’s world of
Paris '99.

…… I cannot wait for my next visit. And because of a little sailor-style jumpsuit, I have a feeling it’ll be trés trés soon!

Contact Paris ‘99 for an appointment on:
0424 583 409



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