Friday, July 15, 2011

Russian Tales - Sadko

Last night I was watching this really great movie. Well to be precise, a Russian Fairy Tale! and it was soooo magical! i loved it!
.......such a perfect way to escape my reality of the mountainous uni work which awaits my weekend!

This movie was made in 1952, and is based on the famous Russian tale of Sadko, the minstrel from Novgorod.
Sadko embarks on a quest to find the bird of happiness, which takes him to all the ends of the earth, including the bottom of the sea!

I loved the sweetness of the story, especially the message; that happiness is to be found among the people you love and your home.

Also the costumes were wonderful and the incredible "underwater" set was soooo delightful!!



  1. This looks AMAZING, I am making Stu put it on his Amazon list! What is that last picture? Magical fish sword? Hilarious!

  2. hahah! you must watch it! the costumes are Fantastic!!!

    Oh and the sea-creatures are awesome! Stu would love them!!!! ;D
    .... It's a magic Gold Finned fish from the Princess of the sea! ... it is pretty magical! i wont say any more!!! ;P