Sunday, February 21, 2010

André Courrèges

Like any designer, it is important to find your own aesthetic, and your individual style. André Courrèges defiantly set out to find his distinct taste when in Autumn of 1961 he set up his own Couture House (after previously working for Balenciaga).

Courrèges’ love for cycling, racing and sports has had a huge impact on the way in which he designed. The functionality and ultimate ease of wearing his creations powered his inventiveness. Courrèges is a designer who I see has a strong link with the Op Art movement of the 60s, not only in the visual aesthetic, but also in the ability to ‘play’ and interact with the viewer (or wearer). His sharp use of bold graphics within the anatomy of the garments draws attention to the relationship and interaction one has with clothes. Much like the interaction the viewer has to the endless voids created by op artists of the time. Courrèges’ unique aesthetic aided in redirecting fashion out of the 1950s, into more playful, youthful and functionally cleaver pieces of the 60s.

….I find his works pure joy!


Images and Info: V. Guillaume, 1998, Courreges, Assouline Publishing, New York

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