Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Lost Treasure: Alexander McQueen-MENSWER

While the fashion world seems to be powered by women’s’ hunger for clothes, men too have begun to develop quite an appetite.

Menswear has become more and more apart of fashion, to a point where it now plays an integral part in the contemporary design arena. Through challenging gender and questioning socio status, menswear is a world of fashion that has only newly been explored. I believe that menswear has so much exciting potential, and it is an area with I strongly believe should be more seriously considered and pursued.

In the resent news of the late Lee Alexander McQueen, his menswear collections always seem to challenge an aggressive masculinity with the refinement of his tailoring skills, and the beauty of embellished adornment. His most recent collection is my favourite to-date. The morbid repetition and psychedelic print of skulls and bones is wonderful. It creates a blend of both current graphic art and a link to psychedelic 60s prints which is also reflected in the cut and shilouette of the collection. McQueen also plays with the Tromp L’oeil effect of water pouring over the body, a cleaver and witty complement to his dark visual aesthetic.



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