Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Bizarre Romance

Magazine: i-D, Fall 2009, The Inside/Outside Issue, no.303
Editorial Title: Slap me on the Patio, page 170
Photography: Tim Walker
Styling: Jacob K
Artwork: Linder Sterling

Boarders is Great! I stand there, in the magazine section, simply flipping through and reading all those mags I simply just can't buy! ... and I stand, in awe, page after page of exciting fashion photography, news and reports. I'm not "Just Looking!" I'm really Just lusting! Lusting after all these treasures I wish to own. And this photo-shoot was too good to put back on the shelf! I wanted it, and I wanted to own it!

I love that it is more than just a shoot, it is a collaboration of fashion, and a collaboration of art and editorial. Richard Nicoll has collaborated with artist Linder Sterling on a collection of corsetry and suspenders. While Sterling in turn, has colaborated with the photographer in creating these artistic photos for i-D Magazine.
I really love the layers of collage over the photos, it's so fun and light, with that bold charm and suggestive cheekyness! Really, just such a wonderful shoot!


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