Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pierre Cardin

It seems that this week some greater fashion power is trying to direct me to Pierre Cardin's works.

Firstly, I desperately wanted to look at some of his works after being reminded of them through Andre Courreges' graphic spot inspiration.
Secondly, I was looking for a travel guide, yet found myself somehow discovering a whole book on the world of Cardin.
Thirdly, I was flipping through some magazines in Borders, and POW! a Whole feature article on Cardin in the current Oyster.
.... and Finally.... my obsession proven to be out of control.... I bought a pair of stark white leather zip up booties! How Mod!

Pierre Cardin is a highly talented designer, with one of the most successful business minds in the industry. Originally working for the infamous Christian Dior. Cardin contributed to the development of Dior's "New Look", while also developing the collarless suits for The Beatles.
Cardin's work seems so driven to conquer the future, with it's sculptural and powerfully strong silhouettes and cut. His disregard to the natural form of the body, allows his works to excite and even entertain the viewer/wearer. Cardin has been quoted to only " existing through [his] work and [he has] never enjoyed looking for enjoyment." Well if that is the case, his body of work is beautifully interactive, energetic and is highly enjoyable to view.

And with a world of work like Cardin's, why would you want to live in any other!

Images and Quote Sourced from:
Langle, Elisabeth. Thames and Hudson. Pierre Cardin, Fifty Years of Fashion and Design.
"I have always liked existing through my work and i have never enjoyed looking for enjoyment."


  1. Hey! fab post Helen! i love cardin so much! See you at uni this week ^_~

  2. hahah! thanks!!!!

    Cardin is AMAZING!!! i love his work too Laurie!!! I think it all looks so wonderful... just want to wear it!
    I love all your posts! you've got such a great eye for things!!

    Can't wait to see you at uni too!!!!